Careful with the Picasso Trigger Fish

You'll find all sorts of shapes and colors within the ocean. Many fishes with vibrant and colorful colors that simply amaze. One of these amazing and exotic fishes is none other than the amazing and I might say aggressive Picasso Trigger fish.

An omnivorous the Picasso trigger will eat and crush mostly anything including pellet foods with its powerful jaw. Which can be heard outside any aquarium as it crushes its prey.

As you can see the Picasso Trigger sports amazing colorful variations that alike as human DNA can only be found on one single individual. Making all trigger fishes alike but different in their own certain way.

Usually kept by aquarium lovers for their beautiful and outstanding colors, these amazing fishes are not reef safe. Eating any small invertebrate it finds, this hardy fish species is meant to be kept in aquarium tanks of 75 gallons or more. These amazing fishes can be found across the Pacific Ocean, Indian and Atlantic oceans making them ideal for any aquarium enthusiast to own.


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