The Dangerous Elusive and Powerful Mantis Shrimp Crustacean

Mantis shrimp or stomatopods are marine crustaceans, that are very active, elusive and powerful hunters. 
With an amazing eye sight, or should I say, the best eye sight in the world. These marvelous creatures have many secret weapons.

One of these weapons is their hammer, club like arm which it uses to smash and knock out any prey it may encounter. Of course this club like weapon differs in species as there are also spearing mantis shrimp which use their spear like claws to attack and capture fast moving prey like fish and octopus.
Capable of smashing and breaking even the thoughest of shells. This amazing hunter also displays a large selection of colors across its entire body which it molts several times throughout its lifetime.

Here you'll see the amazing mantis shrimp in action as it takes on a large hermit crab. See and even hear the amazing power it posses as it strikes underwater making it one of the worlds most dangerous elusive and powerful marine hunters.


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