The Longnose Surgeonfish Exotic Saltwater Black Tang

With a jet black oval body , blue pectoral fins and an obvious white spot at the peduncle spines the Longnose Surgeonfish or Black Longnose Tang as others know it, this fascinating saltwater fish has become one praised in the aquarium hobby.

A rather expensive fish, black tangs are quiet adaptable to aquarium life. Usually paired in a fish tank with several corals and invertebrates this herbivore will eat anything from dried seaweed to meaty foods. It is however recommended that live macro algae and or freeze dried algae sheets should be offered daily to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

As with all saltwater species, it is recommended to replicate water conditions of natural water. Keeping Ammonia and nitrite levels at an absolute zero, temperature at around 76F to 80F and of course a salinity level of around 1.024 to 1.026
Zebrasoma Rostratum

Last recommendation to maintain and upkeep a black Tang is a minimum size tank of around 80gl to 125 gallons as Longnose Surgeonfish (Black Tangs) tend to be active swimmers.
Longnose Surgeonfish - Black Tang


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