Beautiful colors Amazing Patters The Aggressive Jaguar Cichlid

Many ocean creatures display amazing and beautiful patterns across their bodies. One of the most loved and eye pleasing patters is that of the freshwater Jaguar cichlid. Native to the freshwaters of Centra America this fascinating carnivorous fish can be found in waters across Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


Being a highly predatory and aggressive, the Parachromis Managuensis has become very popular in the aquarium trade. Known to many as managuense cichlid, guapote cichlid and jaguar fish this robust cichlid displays stunning shades of yellow and bronze jaguar like patters across its body making it and instant eye candy for any  home aquarium.

In captivity these amazing creatures are limited to grow to their full potential. With a recommend aquarium tank size of 150 gallons a Jaguar Cichlid can grow to be up to 1 foot in size and several pounds in weight.

One of the reasons many aquarium hobbiest tend to have a Jaguar cichlid is their easy to maintain lifestyles. Although not recommended to keep them in an aquarium with plants as managuense cichlids tend to digg and re-arrange their aquariums several times a week.

Being carnivores makes owning a Jaguar fish  quiet interesting as they have a big appetite and tend to eat any meaty foods they can get a hold of such as crickets, live worms, meal worms, bloodworms, earth worms, mysis, frogs and any other small fishes around.


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