The Powder Blue Surgeonfish Beautiful Reef Species

With an oval shaped body and extremely colorful and bold body markings the Blue Powdered Tang has become the most sought off and wanted fish in the aquarium trade hobby.

Being that Acanthurus leucosternon semi-aggresive it is highly recommended that you keep them in a tank of a minimum 125 gallons which will prevent other smaller fish from being eaten. Although blue powdered surgeon fish will eat meaty foods, including other small fishes it is suggested that you offer them plenty of marine based seaweed and algae to better strengthen their immune systems.

Do keep in mind that this species of fish is very sensitive and highly recommended only for the most advanced aquarium enthusiasts as caring for a Acanthurus leucosternon can become quiet difficult.

As always, beautiful and exotic fishes require special care and  patience, before going out and buying one for yourself make sure to have your tank and water conditions in good conditions.

Keep in mind that blue powered tangs run from $60 - $140 depending on your local fish store and location.


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